Initial thoughts for the residency were to continue working as I had been over the winter and then bring this work to fit into the studio/exhibition space. The scale and weight of the room seemed to be swallowing up my small sculptures and for a week or so I busied myself replicating forms trying to get a balance.  Everything was clashing and things were not going as planned.  Spending time in the room with wild weather battering at the windows I decided to respond to the space.

I attended the Long Tower School as a child and noted the similarities with St Augustine’s School, the close proximity of the Church to the school and small graveyards filling the spaces between.

The Long Tower School is located almost equidistant from Bishop’s Gate but on the outside of the Derry Walls. I have mainly been parking in that area and passing it most days brought back memories. There is a conflict of opinion as to where Colmcille first sited his monastery, St Columba’s Church at Long Tower or St Augustine’s Church.

From a child’s perspective the Church and School looked so big, looking down from the steps now everything seems so small.   We used to play hide and seek behind the headstones.

This week I have been sourcing objects and using materials, working instinctively. Head buzzy, hands busy.