Dark Days

The indoor vintage market was on at the weekend and Saturday was a dark day as storm Jorge lashed down on the Walls, following a now familiar weather pattern.

The silence is an empty bucket

You must fill with stuff inside

Your head

Brian Kirk (from the poem Knockout)

When I turn the radio off its very quiet in the old Schoolhouse.  I became very aware of the elongated shadows and changing light.

Reading a bit about St Augustine and the history of the Church, an interesting fact is that St Augustine is the patron saint of brewers,  he lived a life of loose living before his conversion to Christianity and never believed that he would be pure enough to become a Christian.  Now revered as one of the great philosophers and theologians.

The Church although having been burnt down many times, the original footprint remains the same.  I’ve been walking around the graveyard, some very young children are buried there, sad to say and see.


A row of headstones rest against the wall, they bring to mind the large standing concrete blocks sited at Ebrington.  I have been thinking of making a see-saw and have a very particular image in mind.  I source an old metal barrel and a couple of planks of wood.

I would like the wood to be black not painted black, I research how to achieve what I am thinking.  Charcoal black, you tube, blow torch.  Experimenting with the Japanese ancient art of Shou Sugi Ban.  Beautiful technique, I love it.