Francesco Capponi

a journey round my room

Lockdown residency

9 - 21 november

Perugia, italy

Francesco Capponi

As Italy entered its first lockdown last spring, an unconventional invasion took place in Francesco Capponi’s home: a crew of space explorers had landed. As Italy now faces new restrictions and a regional shutdown, he revisits those close encounters leaving the scene open perhaps for new cosmonauts to join the residency-orbiting mission, acting as Ground Control and documenting the invasion with his self-build camera.

Francesco Capponi is a photographer and sculptor based in Perugia, Central Italy. His work is a cross-contamination of different media and techniques, with a focus on experimental photography, combining analogical and digital processes. As a sculptor he approaches photography three-dimensionally, often building his own optical devices, from dark room equipment to pinhole cameras and magic lantern.

You can view Francesco Capponi’s projects and exhibitions here.



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