Epilogue – The Schrödinger galaxy

Blue Planet – Year 2020

Recently, physicists have been able to experimentally prove one of the least intuitive axioms of quantum physics but one that could finally make sense of our existence. They demonstrated with an experiment that, at least in quantum dimensions, there is no objective reality but reality is always subjective. Thus, it is observation that creates reality. Without anyone observing there would be nothing to be observed and the very act of observing changes the reality of what is observed.

If a scientist observes a subatomic particle thinking that it has a straight motion it will have a rectilinear motion, if the same scientist studies the same particle thinking it has a wave motion, this same particle will have a wave motion. If he/she doesn’t look at that particle, that very particle doesn’t exist.

In the macrocosm, things happen, whether or not there is someone watching. It’s said that a tree falling in the forest will make a noise even if no one is there to hear it. But moving into the infinitely small dimension, things do change.

Subatomic particles appear to exist only when observed, and depending on who observes and how, they will be different. And these are the bricks that create it all.

Could this be the meaning of life? Observing the universe and thus creating reality whilst observing it ?

On this planet, there is this story of a cat inside a box, to know if  the cat is alive or dead you will have to look inside the box, but as long as no one does, the cat is  alive and dead at the same time.

To understand this insight, we embarked on an exploratory mission in an ordinary apartment in a city on planet Earth. Time had dilated, space had shrunk, it was perfect for our exploration.

We have abandoned the macrocosm for a microcosm. We were cosmonauts, we became micro-cosmonauts.
We have explored worlds, and we have come to realize as we were exploring them, that we were creating them too. They were already there, but at the same time before we landed we didn’t exist.
Or maybe they existed in another form and we, by exploring, watching and observing, have changed them permanently. We are world makers.

But perhaps we too exist just in the stories of our explorations and observations, and in the photographs that document it all. In fact, we don’t remember anything outside our own adventures.

Those tales exist, if they are told. We continue to exist, along with those wonderful worlds, as long as there’s someone somewhere looking at those photos or hearing our stories.

And you all in the macrocosm, maybe you do exist alone, closed in an apartment, you continue to be alive, maybe you are bored and like the tree in the forest you make noise hoping that someone hears you. But you are alive and do exist anyway.

Instead, we need you to exist. In exchange for the gift of life, we can give you endless new worlds delivered to your home address.

Do you accept our gift?

(Micro)Cosmonaut Tom
Commander of “Pinhole Insane36”
“Space Needers” mission
Year 2020
Planet Earth
Lockdown Zone


(Schrödinger’s cat and Cosmonaut Tom in an undefined point of this universe)