Adam Sébire

in the lighthouse

a modern-day marooning

Lockdown Residency

may 2020

utsira, norway

Adam Sébire

Adam Sébire is an Australian artist-filmmaker and PhD researcher. Whilst filming in the melting Arctic, borders suddenly snapped shut: behind him in Svalbard and ahead of him in Greenland.  

On 9 March 2020 Adam found himself marooned en route: on a small, rocky, windswept island in the Norwegian North Sea called Utsira.  Locals let him quarantine in the isolated lighthouse keeper’s quarters which seemed an archaically apt place to ride out the Covid-19 storm.

From 14 May Adam will be posting photographs and small video vignettes for Art Arcadia from his solitary existence in the lighthouse station.  A cultural signifier of rugged isolation, the lighthouse has offered a rich mythology ever since Pharos but as Adam discovers as his isolation wears on, the mesmeric qualities of the lantern’s beams rely on darkness and light in unequal measure.

As documentary filmmaker & photographer, Adam’s works have been shown widely, in international film festivals, museums and TV broadcasts.  Since a shoot on Tuvalu for Film Australia in 2003 Adam’s work has gravitated towards climate change.  
He jumped streams to the video art world in 2013; some of Adam’s Arctic video art can be found here  

Art Arcadia Lockdown Residencies are in partnership with St Augustine’s Heritage Site, kindly funded by Derry City & Strabane District Council.


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