Chapter two – As above, so below 

“That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that which is below
to do the miracle of one only thing”

Emerald Tablet – Hermes Trismegistus

Perugia – April 2020 
In Italy, we were the first in Europe to experience what it meant to live in lockdown.
A quite solid anxiety filled the air. The only thing you know with certainty is that of being powerless. Looking at the world you’d have thought of being inside a dystopian sci-fi scenario. You couldn’t  even go out for a stroll. The house got tighter every day. To stretch it out I had to change my point of view.
I enrolled then a small crew and let it explore my own apartment.
Space Explorers, of a home-space. I transformed an old broken camera into a Pinhole Camera and documented their travels with it. Their journeys in search of Lost Space.
From their vantage point, the corners of the house changed into immense planets. What was small had become immense. Countless worlds to discover.
And this is how the journey began.


Lost Space – Unknown Date 
Logbook. We wander aimlessly. We are lost in this infinity. We don’t know if we are inside or outside, if we are going up or down. We no longer understand how many dimensions there are, and at what moment we are in spacetime. But there is so much to explore. Each World is unique. And we are left marooned on….

Perugia – November 2020
The virus is back with all its defiance.
Every day we are approaching a new total lockdown.
Maybe I’ll have to recruit new cosmonauts.

Turin – March 1794
(…) Behold it, gentlemen ; read it ! I have undertaken and performed a forty- two days’ journey round my room. The interesting observations I have made, and the constant pleasure I have experienced all along the road, made me wish to pub- lish my travels ; the certainty of being (…) The pleasure to be found in travelling round one’s room is sheltered from the restless jealousy of men, and is independent of Fortune. Surely there is no being so miserable as to be without a retreat to which he can withdraw and hide himself from the world. Such a hiding-place will contain all the preparations our journey requires.
“Voyage autour de ma chambre” –  Xavier De Maistre