Objects, Colour, Connections

Spending a lot of time this week researching and attempting to make some more connections.  One gravestone in particular stood out to me last week when I warily walked around the graveyard at St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse one evening.

The tall gravestone is topped with the carvings of what appears to be an urn with fabric draped over it.  It made me wonder why this gravestone was different, what was the symbolism if any behind these carved objects.

I later came across the following description – ‘Drapery seen on headstones usually depicts the veil between life and death and the crossing of that plane and to others it can symbolise God’s protection until Resurrection.’

This connection between life and death may be something that I am already exploring as I rummage around for ideas and inspiration.  Or maybe this is something I can build upon further as the work develops.

Another gravestone caught my attention among the overgrown space, it was neon orange, covered in moss.  A bright hint of colour in an otherwise monochrome setting.  Contrast and colour.