Who would win between Indominus Rex and T. Rex?

“Who would win between Indominus Rex and T. Rex?”

This and similar questions have been repeatedly asked by my six year old son recently.
I am Alessandra Giacinti, I live in Rome, Italy, with my family.

We have been through three weeks of lock down and four weeks since the schools were closed.
The health emergency situation we are experiencing has reshaped the way we share time as family, allowing unique opportunities of growth and bonding.

During the Art Arcadia Lock Down Residency I will take a further step into the possibility of pursuing my art practice, while creating exciting and quality time with my husband and our two children.

We are working towards an exciting project that will bring us into an unusual and ‘safe’ open space.

Stay tuned! Stay safe!

Measuring the outside wall of our apartment block.


We have an ambitious project which will led to an amazing mural, a place where our children’s fantasies can come true.