Day 6

9 May 2022

In terms of process, things for this body of work began 2020 when exploring my new rural environment. It was different from what I’d found before. While living in Nottingham I noticed tiles, railings, bins, wires, things that stood out to me with interesting shapes and patterns. I’d take photographs, print these out and use them a source material, flicking through piles of them and pulling out different shapes; using cut paper to collage these found shapes. The use of paper was an accident. I like how chance shapes the work. In 2017 I was commissioned to design wedding invites, following a visit to a paper suppliers, I discovered paper swatch books. I loved the feel of the card and the possibilities with colour was exciting. This resulted in the body of work Mishmash-Rehash-Megamix, 2017. I have used this way of making since. The colours develop at the paper stage, the palette itself is a collection of found colours from a wide range of sources, including daily life, fashion, popular culture, art and design. Peach, blue and white popped into my head one morning and slowly I realised that the colours and pattern came from the bathroom tiles of my grand-parents’ old house last seen in 2006. I used google to find the estate agent’s photographs. Mint green has permeated the colour palette since 2002. It lingers and keeps appearing in various bodies of work. Both of these colour palettes appeared in the textile costumes in They did what they were supposed to do while not doing what they were meant to, 2016.