Time, Motion Suspended

My work at St Augustine’s is evolving organically. Plants and root systems are emerging as a common theme in my exploration of the nature of time. Growth – upward and downward – along with movement and mass are also coming into play.

Despite having no background in science, I am trying to gain some understanding of how we perceive time through the lens of theoretical physics, in particular Carlo Rovelli’s fascinating book, ‘The Order of Time’. This has revealed some weird and wonderful facts. I now know, for example, that when you move fast, time passes more slowly. Time passes more quickly in the high ground than the lowlands.

Time it seems is variable depending on location and motion.

In my piece, ‘Time, Motion, Suspended’, I fabricated a number of ‘seed heads’ which hover in suspended animation. Their roots are pulled towards the ground – towards mass. There is no evident top growth.

Occasionally a passing breeze causes them to gently sway.

My artist’s residency at St Augustine’s is proving very productive. Situated on the top floor of the Old Schoolhouse (time fast!) and more often than not moving at a gentle pace (time fast!) my investigations into the nature of time continue…