The wall drawing

We are finally ready to install the wall drawing we have been working on during the Art Arcadia Lockdown residency.

It has been a collaborative project, involving my two children in the planning and realisation of a wall drawing.

The wall drawing was installed on the gable wall of our apartment block. The wall overlooks a huge desolate terrace, where we have been spending time outside the house during lockdown.

The protagonist of this project, a gigantic dinosaur, came straight out of my son’s drawing. As did the palm trees with coconuts.

Dinosaurs drawing, April 2020, felt pens on paper, A4,

We met some challenging moments during the installation of the big pieces of paper. The first attempt to glue them on the wall was successfully accomplished, but the heavy rain that night tore down some sections, so we had to start all over again.

The following time lapse videos have been recorded by Cian Donnelly.























Photos 6 and 7 by Cian Donnelly.