Riverbero- reflections on Pietrafitta.



This week Mak9 will install and show work based on our experiences from the residency in Pietrafitta, so as an artist I am now questioning what do I want to say about that. Its challenging to process that experience and project it through 3-dimensional materials, however I think it comes down translating a sense of being in that a specific place. We are showing in St.Martins church- a deconsecrated building in East Belfast so there is quite a dissonance between the rural experience we gathered in Pietrafitta and the inner city area we will be showing in. Never the less it is still a building surrounded by trees, with a garden to the side so nature still links both spaces. I see the essence of rural Pietrafitta as coming to the urban space through artefacts, transforming a place in a small way and highlighting the similarities of form which might get lost in the inner city experience.
The exhibition is open to the public form the 9th to 12th of March, 1pm-4pm and there will be open workshops every day where you can talk to the artists and engage with their work. Hope to see you there.