Parallel archives, set of relations

As a digital resident at Liverpool Irish Festival this year, focusing on the theme Exchange, I have the privilege to learn about the Irish Famine Travel in the city of Liverpool. I see parallels for the visuals I have for both instagrams and @livirishfest: they are both illustrating the forms of storytelling about a place’s history and memory, a sort of city archive manifested in architectural elements. My diary texts, a personal archive, are juxtaposed alongside, bridging both series of posts. These merged contents, simultaneously, are archived by the internet. Three archives within an archive.

I’m trying to bring out a set of relations, like the way an artist would approach an installation, except that my series of work are dispersed across platforms and channels – an instagram located in Liverpool, an instagram located in Derry, Art Arcadia’s blog, the physical St Augustine’s space, my secret online diaries.