A Guide to Covid-19 Protocol (Part 2)

Don’t Hamster

The second video in this Public Service Announcement trilogy, by exposing the horrors of ‘panic buying’, focuses attention on the moral obligation to consider the needs of others. In Dutch, the term “hamstering” is used as a verb to describe the hoarding of goods. Before the Covid crisis, a hamster featured as a logo to advertise special offers on bulk purchases at promotional intervals throughout the year in a major Dutch supermarket chain. Obviously, nowadays, hamstering is strongly discouraged and the hamster a figure of shame!

However, it is very hard for a hamster to resist his essential urge to hamster…

Yesterday I asked my 10 year old son, Conor, if he could make a computer game addressing the predicament of being a hamster. He took care of all the programming (difficult!) and I made the graphics (easy!). And so we are very happy to bring you…




To play the game, please click on this link:  https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/392445127

The hamster in this game must try to eat as much food as possible while simultaneously dodging some deadly, rogue shopping trolleys!!

To play the game full-screen, simply click on the icon in the upper right corner of the small window. Use your arrow keys to

move. Click on the green flag to begin. Have fun!


Conor offers a quick intro to the game: