The lockdown was a full stop, familiar routines and the rhythm of the day disrupted.   Six months have passed from the scheduled opening of the exhibition to the new date, 18th September, Culture Night.   During my time away from the project, I had time to reflect on what I had produced and an opportunity to re-visit the work.  As this was a work in progress I mostly decided to move things around, take some pieces out and add some that I had been working on.

It was a surreal time and fragments of ideas and images mingled into my original work, I attempt to tie both together and this quote from the song Yellow Brick Road by Captain Beefheart, resonated with my thinking.

Yellow brick, blackboard black

Keep on walking, don’t look back

I had left some bars of soap on the window ledge and found them ‘sweating’ due to the sun beaming in during lockdown.   A reminder of the power of soap and water in the killing and preventing the spread of Covid19.