Locky Morris

these frail monuments

During his Art Arcadia residency at St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse, Locky Morris has developed artworks around St Augustine’s Old Graveyard. The project, titled ‘these frail monuments’ is loosely based on an extract of text from one of its huge broken gravestone slabs. He points out though that he first came across it in “The Little Church on the Walls”, Hazel Philon’s book on the 1500-year history of the site – as it is only just about legible today having faded considerably, according to Philson over the last number of years – it is carved into the tombstone slab of a former mayor of the city and his wife from the early 1700s. Typical of the (indirect) approach of this artist he did not limit himself to ‘gods little acre’ during the residency but riffed around this idea of frail monuments in time from the graveyard and church itself to take in the wider city. The exhibition, Instagram takeover and blogs, that ran alongside during his stay at St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse, show aspects of the intuitive, associative and free flowing nature of his process.

Locky Morris’s work, spanning over three decades, has been marked by a persistent recurring focus centred around his immediate terrain. His current practice has, for the most part, been marked by a concentration on the familial and the familiar – sourcing a large amount of his material directly from the interstices and interactions of life, ‘..where it seems as if he is trying to establish the border between humanity and the appearance of humanity..’. Often underpinned by humour and sometimes triggered by what he refers to as ‘daily epiphanies’ his assemblages place an emphasis on observation, perceptual manipulation and the physical nature of sound.

Year2019LocationSt Augustine's Old Schoolhouse, Derry/Londonderry, UKDescriptionFive-week artist residencyPartnersSt Augustine'sFundersDerry City & Strabane District CouncilThe Walled City - 400 YearsArts Council of Northern Ireland

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