La Bratts

Disembodies Voices

The Monday Lab presents “Disembodied Voices” a residency and performance by La Bratts (James King and Peter O’Doherty).
James and Peter will be resident at St. Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse from 11 – 15 June 2019, as guest artists of Art Arcadia, preparing materials, soundscapes, videos and honing ideas for Saturday’s durational performance.
Some of these activities will be performative and may be observed at St. Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse or in the vicinity.

The residency will conclude on 15th June with an eight-hour durational performance from 11.00 – 19.00. This will take the form of a structured ritualised process interjected with accidental diversions, including improvisations with objects. Visitors are welcome to stay for the whole period, to share in the experience of a developing process, or to come and go and enjoy something of value from short episodes. Visitors are invited to bring an object for the artists’ use on Saturday, something that may be interesting or even challenging to work with.

About La Bratts
La Bratts (James King and Peter O’Doherty) has emerged as a collaborative duo from “The Monday Lab” performance research group, which meets weekly in Derry to offer a platform to artists, musicians, performers and fellow travelers to develop new work, perform and receive peer feed-back.

La Bratts’ work tends towards text-based vocal experimentation and action, favouring the distillation of language into its fundamental sounds and sources. Their collaborations aim to be well-formed and spontaneous.

Year2019LocationSt Augustine's Old Schoolhouse, Derry/Londonderry, UKDescriptionFour-day artist residencyPartnersSt Augustine's

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