Anne-Marie McKee

I Am Not Here

Anne-Marie McKee has used this residency to create a studio, somewhere to pick up her practice after a two year gap. Her interest is in the structure and scaffolding of a studio to produce and display art. This might be using the steps of a ladder to show drawings, it might be a place to track the movements of the sun with gouache on yellow tent material. It might be a place to take a nap. The end-of-residency exhibition celebrates the studio as a workplace, made in a spirit of enquiry and experiments in drawing.
Why yellow?
Sun, pollen, egg yolks, tempera, smiley face pills, halos, begonias, laburnum.
Turner, sulphur. Aniline, liver failure.
Cadmium, United Fruit Company trademark ochre. Lutein. Goya’s Perro semihundido.

Installation, lithograph and drawings
Ladder, drawing board, chair, fabrics, drawings on birch ply, lithograph, chair, acetate, strimmer wire, tent material, tempera, watercolour and gouache.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art 2016 (Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice: Drawing), Anne-Marie McKee also holds a PhD in Botany. McKee’s practice deals with a resistance or reluctance to the pinning down of knowledge. It draws on scientific vocabulary, botanical research, herbarium protocols and medieval manuscripts. Nature is both subject and a material in her work.

Year2018LocationSt Augustine's Old Schoolhouse, Derry/Londonderry, UKDescriptionThree-week artist residencyPartnersSt Augustine'sFundersArts Council of Northern IrelandDerry City & Strabane District Council

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