Art Arcadia Locations

Our residency and projects locations are selected on the basis of trusted partnerships established throughout the personal careers and networks of each member of Art Arcadia. In addition to our two main residency sites below, we also carry out projects in a range of locations that vary across urban, rural, academic or remote.

The city of Derry is the fulcrum of our international network and is at the core of Art Arcadia’s vision. The heritage site of St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse, with the adjacent cottage, constitute Art Arcadia’s headquarters and our resident artists’ accommodation, studio and exhibition space.

Pietrafitta is a residency that provides a unique entry into a little known part of Italy, a mountainous and rural area which is off the beaten track and has a strong cultural identity steeped in centuries of tradition. This residency is aimed at artists and arts professionals who seek to retreat and work in a quiet and remote location.

LICA (The Lewyc Institute Of Contemporary Art) was an experimental space situated in the home of Theo Sims – it existed to present site and context specific art within a domestic setting.