La Mola - Pietrafitta

La Mola is run by Paola Bernardelli and is located in the village of Pietrafitta, in central Italy, where she is originally from. The name of the location means “the mill” in local dialect and is de facto the ruins of her grandfather’s small rural grain mill and its reservoir pond.

Our resident artists are currently hosted in Paola’s house in the village, a 15 minutes walk from La Mola. Art Arcadia are in the process of seeking planning permission and funding opportunities in order to build small residential structures on the land surrounding the mill.

La Mola residency is aimed at artists and arts professionals who seek to retreat in a remote and rural environment. Due to the nature of the location, an artist residency at La Mola is suitable for individuals willing to self direct and work in isolation. Artists and arts professionals of all disciplines and at any stages of their careers are welcome to apply.

Our resident artists to date:

2019  Sue Morris, Derry – Northern Ireland

2018  Sara Riel, Reykjavik – Iceland

2017  Irene Bindi, Winnipeg – Canada

2016  Mak9 collective, Belfast – Northern Ireland
Mak9 are Stuart Cairns, Alice Clark, Heather Dornan Wilson and Gail Mahon.


We run a yearly residency programme, usually in Spring or Autumn. The duration of the residency can vary from one to four weeks, depending on the artist’s requirements. This residency is self-funded by the artist; we can provide help in the funding application process and a letter of invitation in the case of artists wishing to apply for funding in their own countries. For detailed information and for requesting an application pack, please email us using the Contact Page.

Geographic context:

Pietrafitta is a small rural village in central Italy, located in a valley nestled in the Apennine mountains. The Valle di Comino is dotted with villages and small towns, some of which dating back to Roman times. The residency at La Mola provides a unique entry into a rural and remote area of Italy, off the beaten track and with a strong cultural identity steeped in centuries of tradition